Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Film #52: Night Patrol (1984)

Plot - A comedy film of the lowest brow, Night Patrol is pretty fun. Lots and lots of gay jokes and more screwball humor than you can handle.

Form - Wacky and brutish.

F/X - There's a ridiculous "cop flies motorcycle into a tree" bit at the beginning. Otherwise, no.

Acting - Lots of good cheese. Murray Langston, aka the Unknown Comic, is great, as are Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, and Andrew Dice Clay.

Mise en scene - Some really good gags involving setting make the mise en scene occasionally come to life.

Quotables - Tons and tons and tons. Gay/lesbian jokes, cop jokes, sexist jokes against both genders, pedophile jokes. For the PC '80s, this film is beyond risque. Tasteless to the core.

Cool stuff - Everything. Good actors, funny jokes, great look. It's a real hidden gem that'll put your favorite National Lampoons garbage from the time to shame.


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