Saturday, August 2, 2014

Film #53: Violent Shit (1987)

Plot - There is no structure to this 72-minute tour-de-force. A serial slaughterer named K. The Butcher Shitter randomly kills various people in the forests of Germany. He falls down a lot for no apparent reason, and frequently has strange religious hallucinations, including crawling into Jesus Christ.

Form - Shot-on-tape films frequently attempt to replicate the style of mainstream cinema, but Violent Shit makes no attempts to do so. Most scenes are poorly framed around the glorious kill shots, a conscious decision that elevates the film to the highest state of garbage.

F/X - Very, very awesome and very, very anti-mimetic. A man gets ripped in half by a hedge-trimmer, a woman's entire body is slowly pried open like a giant clam, and waves of gore shoot out of everything. Punk as fuck.

Acting - Whoever plays K is really good at hobbling around with reckless abandon, and the other actors and actresses' dialogue is barely audible due to the awful sound quality.

Mise en scene - While most of the film is in the woods, there are some really great artifacts. There's a really creepy two minute sequence where the interior of a church is scanned over home movies style.

Quotables - Aside from people shouting shit all the time and loud grunting, there's not a whole lot of dialogue in the film. Thankfully, they're shouting shit in German, so it's still vaguely quotable.

Cool stuff - There is nothing not cool about this film. The soundtrack is also worth noting, a collection of off-time synth sounds and drum blasts. At certain points, popular songs will creep in, featuring WASP's "The Torture Never Stops" accompanied by a long, long take of someone driving a car in the woods. Few films are so chaotic. Even its director, Andreas Schnass, never made a film quite like it. The Violent Shit got more offensive and gross in terms of story, but they never again had such an utter disregard for viewer's expectations of what makes a horror film.


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