Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Film #55: Some Kind of Monster (2004)

Plot - This documentary is about four middle-aged men who will spend the rest of their lives grasping for some sense of adolescent rebellion and individuality despite the fact that they're millionaire recording artists who need a psychiatrist with them at all times.

Form - Lots of close-ups of ugly old guys and big wide shots of their fucking awful paintings that somehow sell for millions of dollars.

F/X - No.

Acting - Dave Mustaine gives the performance of his life as a former member of the world's most popular metal band.

Mise en scene - They build this idiotic recording studio out of an old apartment. You can't make this shit up.

Quotables - Mis-quoted, but: "This is my two year anniversary of surfing", "We don't want this to be a cliche"x100, etc.

Cool stuff - These guys are awful human beings. Hilarious.


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