Sunday, August 10, 2014

Film #56: The Burning Moon (1992)

Plot - A very confusing and incredibly interesting approach. An anthology movie with a needlessly descriptive framing narrative, the film oscillates between actually being a decent film to gorehoundery.

Form - Well shot, especially for the German underground horror movement and shot-on-tape horror films in general. Sometimes the editing is incredibly confusing, but that has more to do with the technological limitations.

F/X - Insane! The last fifteen minutes in particular is probably the craziest gore effect sequence of all time. Five severed heads, tons of organ removals, etc. My favorite effect: an inside the mouth and esophagus shot of a girl eating an eyeball.

Acting - Olaf Ittenbach isn't just a great director and special effects artist, he's also a great 26-year-old teenager who shoots up and karate kicks gang members.

Mise en scene - Some great fog, and the second story in particular, set in the '50s, has a really great German village look to it. Probably because it was shot in one of their Dorfs.

Quotables - As in most German movies, everybody says shit a lot. Most of the killers also talk about death as a cathartic release, which is probably the closest thing to a message this film conveys.

Cool stuff - Everything. One of the best car accident effects ever, inner eye eating, and a pretty radical gang fight. This film has a much grander feel than Ittenbach's first release, Black Past, largely because it takes a lot more creative risks.


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