Sunday, August 24, 2014

Film #63: King of New York (1990)

Plot - Christopher Walken plays the titular King of New York, and everybody else either wants to kil him or give him a kiss.

Form - Action sequences aren't as quick-cutty or frenetic as most films, giving them an interesting flavor.

F/X - Gun blood.

Acting - Wesley Snipes, Lawrence Fishburne, Steve Buscemi, and a variety of other famous/pre-famous actors are featured. Walken scares children with his version of hip hop dance/

Mise en scene - '80s in a rather timid way.

Quotables - Lots, although surprisingly I can remember more about Lawrence Fishburn's character than anything else.

Cool stuff - One weird ass gangster film, punctuated with the goofiest ensemble cast imaginable.


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