Monday, July 28, 2014

Film #41: Don't Look Now (1973)

Plot - Really weird. Plodding and subtle even for the time, which is reflected by the form. I didn't know whether to be on the edge of my seat or fall asleep.

Form - The film relies heavily on striking visuals to keep things going, including a really ridiculous sex scene that's as close to a Donald Sutherland sex tape as we'll ever get.

F/X - There's some blood, but it's that bright red crap that looks awful.

Acting - Donald Sutherland is cool.

Mise en scene - I'm not even going to lie, I wasn't paying that close attention. I'll give it half a point.

Quotables - Donald Sutherland says "I'm looking for my wife I swear she's here I saw her" eighty times.

Cool stuff - It would be cool if it wasn't so boring half the time.


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