Monday, July 21, 2014

Film #36: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Plot - Bwar-har-har it's looney! The Monty Python troop is punk as ffff, playing with story structure in ways that actually can make you laugh.

Form - Probably more well-done than most '70s films. Quick cuts for the action, long takes for the absurdly long dialogue gags. They know what they're doing.

F/X - Gore gore gore! I love that this movie has so much gore!

Acting - They're kooky and they're hooky. John Cleese is actually one of the worst performers in the Python trope, at least in this film. Still, any film where 90% of the characters are played by six guys can't ever be bad.

Mise en scene - Not really any. The whole thing is sort of just in the woods most of the time.

Quotables - Obnoxiously quoted into oblivion, the quotable parts make me roll my eyes just because I've heard them so many times.

Cool stuff - Better than I remember, but the obnoxious fanbase makes some parts hard to stomach. It's like trying to listen to Mindless Self-Indulgence or watch Adult Swim: you just know that there's millions of awful people out there ruining it for everyone.


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