Monday, July 28, 2014

Film #45: Critters (1986)

Plot - I was hoping this would be a good Gremlins rip-off, especially considering it's usual comedy-horror label. The actual critter scenes are great, but everything else sucks!

Form - Only nice during the critters scenes.

F/X - The critters are cool, rolling all around the floor and nibbling on people occasionally.

Acting - No.

Mise en scene - Very dark.

Quotables - At one point, a critter grabs an ET toy, says "who the hell are you?", and starts eating it. If only they stretched that joke out for 90 minutes, you'd have a good film.

Cool stuff - The critters! The sad thing is, the critters are a no-show for the first half. Aliens who are seeking the creatures are the real stars of the show, and they suck, too.


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