Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Film #51: Munchies (1987)

Plot - Finally, I get to see the first entry in the Munchie trilogy. This film has nothing to do with it's sequels, focusing instead on a whole group of Munchies that are like hornier, angrier, hungrier, and more vocal Gremlins.

Form - Pretty direct, which works in such a silly direct-to-video film.

F/X - The Munchies are some of the worst puppets I've ever seen, which is probably part of the charm.

Acting - It's all over-the-top stuff.

Mise en scene - Sleazy B-movie shit with great sleazy B-movie locations, including but not limited to a miniature golf course, a slimy beach, and a meat-packaging plant.

Quotables - "I got things to do man, I'm going to the Berkeley tie dye and hacky sack festival".

Cool stuff - It's the first good Gremlins clone I've seen. Ghoulies and Critters were both big disappointments despite their better looking puppets. It goes to show one thing: New Line Cinema and Empire Pictures aren't as good as Roger Corman's studio.


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