Saturday, July 26, 2014

Film #38: Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

Plot - Quite possibly the greatest pirate film ever made, featuring song, dance, and lots of morbid humor. Some pretty grim jokes from the Muppets, although I do remember characters dying pretty frequently when I watched Muppet Show re-runs on Nick At Nite.

Form - It's hard to make shots too complicated when seven-eighths of the cast are puppets.

F/X - All the special effects in this film talk, which is a good thing.

Acting - Tim Curry is great as an over-the-top chef-cum-villainous pirate. The Muppets are okay, too.

Mise en scene - It looks like every '90s pirate film: really bright.

Quotables - Plenty. My personal favorite regarding a trio of dishwashers: "I'll wash." "I'll dry." "I'll break."

Cool stuff - The humor's definitely aged better than the first Muppet film, although this film does fall into the "so 90s it hurts" category at times.


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