Saturday, July 19, 2014

Film #32: Macabre (1980)

Plot - According to director Lamberto Bava, the title is pronounced "Muh-cah-bray". It's so predictably dull that half the characters being crazy/homicidal doesn't really help.

Form - Dull. Recycles the same set-ups for shots in many parts of the film. I think I saw the main actress
walk out of her house at least six times in the exact same manner.

F/X - The decapitated head is pretty gorgeous, although the rest aren't particularly great.

Acting - No. The dub voice actors frequently change their bad regional accents.

Mise en scene - Nothing interesting.

Quotables - A few crazy cackles out of nowhere by the lead actress.

Cool stuff - Necrophilia and a great twist finale keep this from being a total waste of time.

2/7 (Also, why does the original theatrical poster mention Dario Argento?)

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