Thursday, July 3, 2014

Film #21: Short Circuit 2 (1988)

Plot - Some white guy passing as Indian, that dude from Spinal Tap, and Johnny Five get together to make a million toys in the big city while corporate big-wigs try to exploit them all in various ways.

Form -  Eh.

F/X - Johnny Five is one of the greatest special effects ever. Also he bleeds battery acid that sort of looks like..blood.

Acting - Solid all around. The henchmen of the aforementioned corporate big-wigs are so tongue-in-cheek it'll make your head spin.

Mise en scene - "Bustling big city" and "abandoned factory" are always good film fodder.

Quotables - Johnny Five tries way too hard with the one-liners this time around.

Cool stuff - This movie's sort of funny sometimes, though not because of Johnny Five. This is one of that guy from Spinal Tap's first big "I'm a total dick bad guy" roles, although he's not really a total dick bad guy this time around. The Indian guy also culls some laughs because 4eigners R FONEeE.


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