Monday, July 14, 2014

Film #30: Delirium (1987)

Plot - A strange and surreal slasher film that only makes sense when it feels like it. The lack of coherence makes the films whodunnit atmosphere really shine; my friends and I had six different guesses for who the killer really was. Also, the sleaze quotient is unusually high due to the film's female lead being a porn industry mogul.

Form - Bava made a concerted effort to make this film good. The "sexy", violent, tense, and surreal sections blend together in some really interesting ways, making it not only a very distinct giallo, but a remarkably singular viewing experience.

F/X - Two of the women become random eyeball and bee monsters. The effects are very cool, and while the gore never gets all that good, there's one crazy bee death scene complete with real bees! Actually, the gore is pretty phenomenal in the film's finale.

Acting - The lead female is talked about amongst horror fans and on the DVDs extra features like she's this great actress, but she just has big boobs. George Eastman saves the day as the random friend who randomly has sex with people.

Mise en scene - Lots of crazy red lighting. There's a lot of bare breasts.

Quotables - Not really.

Cool stuff - Lots and lots of big boobs, eyeball women, bee death, and a general sleaziness that the film never manages to shake off despite how hard it tries. A near perfect 6.5!


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