Monday, June 23, 2014

How This Will Work

             Since I've started my gaming diary at, I've grown more interested in writing about all types of media. This blog will deal with film. Every movie I watched will be rated on these seven criteria:

Plot - Story stuff, totally diegesis. 

Form - How the story is told. Cool shots, cool editing, what have you.

F/X - It's more than real. It's F/X. It means special effects.

Acting - Is Tim Thomerson better than Tom Hanks? Probably.

Mise en scene - Stuff that's put in the scene.

Quotables - Every good movie has memorable dialogue/one-liners. It's the only way I don't forget the movie.

Cool stuff - Everything else that's cool and memorable. Decapitations, nudity, cute things.

After this, the film will receive a rating out of seven based on how positive these reflections are.

I look forward to rating everything I see!

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