Monday, June 23, 2014

Film #4: Funny Games (2007)

Plot - I thought this movie was punk as fuck when I saw it the first time. Back then, it was in Austrian. Why they bother making these stupid shot-for-shot remakes is totally beyond me.

Form - I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't seen it already.

F/X - Somebody gets shot once, the rest of the visuals are intentionally hidden from the viewer to make us feel bad about how we all like violence in movies. Very interesting in theory, very boring to watch.

Acting - Half the actors look like McCaulay Culkin. 

Mise en scene - See F/X.

Quotables - I like the parts where the character start talking to the viewer, but unfortunately, hearing MacCaulay Culkin wannabe say it isn't very cool.

Cool stuff - I'm going to count the fact that half the actors look like McCaulay Culkin as a positive.


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