Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Film #10: Anthropophagous (1980)

Plot - This is great! It takes the conventions of the '80s slasher and mixes it with the visual effects/surreal tone of the zombie/cannibal movies that Italy was churning out at the time. As a fan of both, I'm in awe. This film might also have the greatest pop psychology moment ever.

Form - Extreme eye closeups, first-person camera, all the things that make both slasher films and Fulci films great rolled up into one. The actual photography isn't really as masterful as that seen in the Beyond or even House by the Cemetery, but it's still tasty.

F/X - Mostly peoples necks getting chewed on by the titular anthropophagist (anthropophagoer? anthropopaguy?). One scene has a crazy fetus devouring, but other than that, nothings too grotesque.  

Acting - Nothing bad. The blond seer girl is great and the killer is just ridiculous.

Mise en scene - Goo, skulls, creepy mansions, everything hits the nail on the head.

Quotables - "Hellll yeAAH".

Cool stuff - Chocked full of it. Great gore effects, some good build-up, a quirky soundtrack. The ending is absolutely phenomenal, nonsensical, and gruesome. At the same time, it was the only way they could bring the repulsion to a fine point before cutting the film off.


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