Thursday, June 26, 2014

Film #12: The Incubus (1982)

Plot - I had some pretty high hopes going into Incubus. It starts out as a slasher for the first forty-five minutes or hour, but devolves into a dull series of conversations and investigatory crap right when the film needs to kick it into high gear. The titular incubus is literally onscreen for thirty seconds, and even then it barely makes any sense.

Form - Goes from slick '80s slasher to dull TV-movie right after the sixty minute mark.

F/X - The film does not feign away from blood, although the incubus isn't looking so hot.

Acting - One guy's sort of like Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman's daughter needs to pluck her eyebrows.

Mise en scene - The incubus attack scenes in the library and the theater bathroom are great, but the rest falls flat.

Quotables - All Dustin Hoffman talks about for a while is dry intercourse and massive amounts of sperm.

Cool stuff - The incubus attacks are fabulous, and while much safer than the craziness of the Entity, have some shots that are more disturbing than traditional slasher fare. Just turn it off when it starts getting dull.


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