Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Film #11: Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Plot - I thought Cannibal Holocaust was crazy, but this movie trumps it in more ways than one. Featuring it's own snapping turtle death, it also features several more real animal deaths than the previous movie. In addition, it features one hanging by boobs, a brain eating, two castrations, and one dart in the heart. Mike is probably one of the greatest horror villains of all time.

Form - All sleaze baby. Most of the animal deaths look like they might be stock footage, yet multiple were definitely done during the regular shooting.

F/X - The gore effects are pretty good and bountiful.

Acting - Mike is awesome! He looks like that guy who created South Park.

Mise en scene - They're in the jungle and not much else.

Quotables - "They castrated him with a machete, and then they....ATE HIS GENITALS..."

Cool stuff - The real animal death quotient is too high for my taste, with at least five animals killed over the course of the film. Thankfully, the blood and guts quotient is way over the norm, making it great for me.


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