Monday, June 30, 2014

Film #15: Absurd (1981)

Plot - In addition to being directed by Joe D'Amato, Absurd also shares Anthropophagus's writer, George Eastman. You can tell that the writer wanted to break convention with this film, but it just winds up being a slasher film in the end.

Form -  Half the film is like a poor man's Italian zombie film, and it only really gets good when it's a Halloween rip-off at the very end.

F/X - All the same effects from Anthropophagus recycled into a less satisfying whole. They're still really awesome.

Acting - George Eastman's pretty cool as the killer, and whoever plays Katya looks an awful lot like Jennifer Connelly. That makes me want to watch Phenomena again.

Mise en scene - Dark, dark, dark, and more dark. This movie's fucking dark.

Quotables - No.

Cool stuff - Plenty of violence and fun. Probably the best head in a stove scene ever, multiple neck bites, a few organ removals, and a general negligence of all that is good and holy. Probably the worst of the D'Amato films I've seen, which is more of a compliment to him as a horror meister than anything else.


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