Monday, June 23, 2014

Film #1: 13 (2010)

Plot - This is a remake of a foreign film from 2005. That movie probably sucked, too. There's this random storyline involving Mickey Rourke and 50 Cent where they're going to find buried treasure, but they both disappear halfway through the movie for no reason. It's stupid.

Form - They kept doing this shot where it spun around a lightbulb to be all dramatic and create tension. It was just lame.

F/X - People got shot in the head and it was kinda cool.

Acting - Everybody sucked. Mickey Rourke is always cast as some weird foreign guy in every movie for some reason. Maybe because foreign people are supposed to be weird looking and he's VERY weird looking.

Mise en scene - N/A.

Quotables - No.

Cool stuff - This movie makes people getting shot in the head a long, drawn out process that never excites.

Rating: 1/7

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